That Alpine Quilt Group May meeting

This is the Dog Kennel Quilt group who came to share their quilts with us. Rae Ann and Joylyn are part of the group with a lot of other wonderful women who came to show us the projects they have worked on over the last 14 years.
More beautiful quilts from the Dog Kennel Group.

These are some show and tell quilts from some gals of “That Alpine Quilt Group.”

This is Moana’s quilt from the block of the month that we are doing. She’s all caught up. I’m so proud of her. Doesn’t it look great!

Helen Butler did this quilt. I love the bright colors. Notice the leaves on the border how they change from blue to green to yellow. The workmanship is just beautiful. I’m always inspired and in the mood to quilt after attending “that alpine quilt group.”

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  1. These quilts are wonderful. A lot of inspiration here! It does make you want to go and quilt. That is what I should be doing. Thank you for sharing.

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