Creating a beautiful world... one idea, one quilt, one pattern, one company, one relationship at a time

Passionate about creativity, driven by the success of a project, but touched by putting a smile of joy on someone’s face.  Jina Barney Designz is all about bringing happiness through quilting, sewing  and handwork.

Jina’s philosophy on
getting things done

My husband teases me because I tackle a project with the resources at my disposal, however inadequate they may be. When I have an idea in my mind I want to attack it now! I don’t think about how to organize my cutting table or whether my mouse is freely flowing on my desk. I just dive in and create!

I’ve never had shiny object syndrome, I’m not a gadget person. I just think of the most efficient way of getting things done with what I have now.

“Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.”

– Arthur Ashe


Vehicles of Creativity

Butterfly Kisses Pattern Cover

The name Butterfly Kisses was inspired from Jina’s little niece Paige who passed away from a tragic accident. At her funeral they let live butterflies lose and watched them fly away. Thus, Butterfly Kisses. Jina has been creating uniquely designed quilts, projects and clothing patterns since 2007.  These patterns represent real life experiences and will touch your heart.

Downunder Diversions LLC is about two girls from Australia and New Zealand. These girls from “Downunder” have a vision and passion to help you take a break from life through “Diversions”. They organize road trips and exhibitions where you can learn, grow, and expand your creativity.

Poppie Cotton is all about beautiful fabric and lovely goods.  Together we share a passion and joy that comes from creating and loving art. Follow along as we share our journey by showcasing new products and inspire you to create something out of the ordinary into something extraordinary!

Humanity Sews has a mission to establish sewing schools both in the US and in countries around the world, to teach entrepreneurial and sewing skills to individuals in need. Humanity Sews also provides individuals with micro-loans in the form of sewing machines. The sewing machines help facilitate business opportunities that foster self-reliance in the sewing school graduates. To ensure success, Humanity Sews works with other humanitarian groups and like minded individuals. Visit their website to see how you can become involved.


Stitching Seams & Sewing Dreams