Creativity is an addiction

We are all born with an innate desire and ability to create.

She said she could…

So she did.

Jina Barney is an Australian original who was imported to America as a teenager when her parents immigrated here. She has loved sewing ever since she can remember.  As a young girl, her Father would buy her all the fabric and patterns she needed, to encourage her to make her own clothing.

As she began raising her own children she became known as a trend setter with the unique fashions and accessories she would sew and create for her little girls.  Jina was introduced to quilting in 1989 and was quickly addicted.  She is a founding member of a 30+ year old quilt group that has multiplied in size many times.  Her quilting is known as unique, edgy, and precise. 

For more than a decade Jina has been intimately involved in the fabric design, manufacturing and distribution industry. She has been a worldwide teacher and published in quilting books & magazines. Jina is owner of  the Butterfly Kisses Pattern Company and co-owner of Poppie Cotton. Her quilts have been around the world as she teaches her love of design and techniques that have brought her notoriety.  

Jina’s teaching techniques include machine piecing, needle turn appliqué and fabulous color combinations. She has a love for handiwork including knitting, crocheting, embroidery, long arm machine quilting, hand piecing, sewing for her children and grandchildren and anything related to creating and surrounding herself with beautiful things.

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Quilters find it difficult to sleep at night. Their minds are always going, there is no time to waste when a project needs to be created!

2007 - The birth of Butterfly kisses

When my children were young, I was always creating cute clothing and accessories for my babies to wear. With the encouragement of friends and family, I realized that other Mom’s and Grandmothers would benefit from my designs, so I decided to start making patterns based on all the cute things I had created and made over the years. This was the beginning of Jina Barney Designz. 

The first few patterns I gave away for free. By this time, I was an avid quilter and soon realized that sewing patterns could be simplified using concepts from quilting. A few months later my pattern line was trademarked as Butterfly Kisses, with inspiration coming from my little niece who passed away from a tragic accident. At her funeral we let live butterflies loose and watched them fly away. Thus, Butterfly Kisses.

My patterns include quilts, dresses, skirts, and fun projects. The icing on the cake for all the long hours of design is the photo shoot! Our models have come from daughters, nieces, neighbors and granddaughters.

Check with your local quilt shop and ask them if they stock Butterfly Kisses Patterns!

Downunder Diversions - When you want to take a break from life

2024 Update: Due to the the changing seasons of life, accompanied by the growth and demands of Poppie Cotton, we have closed Downunder Diversions. We thank all of you who have participated to make our events and tours such a success! 

Half way through 2016, I found it necessary to retire from my Design Director job for a major fabric manufacturer. Within a couple of months and with the quiet stillness that came from getting my life back, I realized it was time to do something.

My good friend Moana Burgess and I had been brainstorming for years (while on our daily walks, runs, and bike rides) on ways to start a business where we could enhance the lives of fellow quilters and sewists. Our first idea was destination tours, and with that “Downunder Diversions became a reality!

We came up with the name Downunder Diversions because we are both from Downunder, and we have a vision and passion to help you take a break from life through “Diversions”. Our goal is to give you an avenue where you can escape from your everyday life and feel fulfilled creatively, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We create a well-organized adventure to different parts of the world where you can have an incredible experience that you will never forget.

Great opportunities in life come by taking action. This proved to be true when we had the opportunity to acquire the Home Machine Quilting & Sewing Show (HMQS) just a few months later! This was a natural addition to our business model and has been a vehicle for touching thousands of creators at a time. Due to the nature of the acquisition, we were unable to license the name of the show. So, the new brand became “Utah Quilting & Sewing Marketplace”.

Currently this is an annual event in May. The event focus is on quilting and sewing of all kinds and includes special quilt exhibits, quilt competitions, quilt auctions benefiting charity, demonstrations, machine and hand quilting, embroidery, piecing, applique, art, design, and business. Vendor booths feature supplies, notions, machines and finished gift items. Classes are for all skill levels of quilters and sewists from beginning to advanced.

We work with the best teachers in the industry who share the latest and greatest techniques and products in the world of quilting and sewing. We consider every person we meet to be a treasured friend and welcome anyone who “wants to take a break from life.”

Poppie Cotton - Inspiration to create

Poppie Cotton is all about beautiful fabric and lovely goods. It is not by chance that my path crossed with Lori Woods. Together we share our passion and joy that come from creating and loving art. It takes a lot of gumption and guts to turn your dream into a reality but together–we knew we could do it! 

We have been so excited to see the great response from the quilting and sewing market world! It warms our hearts to know that we are on the right track. Our work is to bring something different and unique. We don’t follow trends. We want to create the trend and bring nature and beauty into your home.

Follow along as we share our journey by showcasing new products and inspire you to create something out of the ordinary into something extraordinary!

Inspired patterns for sewing and quilting, interested?