Spring Quilt Market 2011

Spring International Quilt Market was here in Salt Lake City. The venue was the Salt palace in downtown Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful facility.

You can see the front of the booth above and the back of the booth below.

We like to merchandise all our new upcoming lines of fabric in their own separate sections. This keeps everything looking nice and clean. Each section is called a tower.

Above you can see Farm Fresh on your left that is coming to stores in July and on the right is Happier which is in stores right now.

The tables are where we sell and show our lines of fabric from. You can see our Sew Together tower that houses all of our new trims that go with our fabric lines.

Another look at Farm Fresh. The cutest line designed by October Afternoon.

This is a look at the All Dolled Up Quilts that were part of a fun treat for shops to participate in and win these adorable quilts.

To be involved all you had to do was pick up a brochure and visit all the the Utah designers that participated and get your brochure filled with stamps. Then Drop the brochure in the mailbox for the drawing of the 2 quilts.

Here is a look at the shredded bits of fabric that we used to make the birds nest. Lori Holt let us borrow her little velvet bird that was perfect for the nest.

I made the little glass containers with wire holders and ribbon to hang from the tree with lights in them for a little nostalgia.

The tree was wrapped in the same fabrics that the dolls for the quilt were made out of. We used batting under the fabric to hide all the little pokies from the tree. We tried to prune most of them but there were many we could only hide with batting and the 2 1/2″ strips of fabric. Randy made a wrought iron holder that the tree was set in to make it stable. We placed moss around the bottom of the tree to hide the opening in the grass.

This collection is called Daydream by Cyndi Walker of Stitch Studios. It is a beautiful line that is available in stores right now. This line showcases well in both clothing and quilts.

How can you not love Sew Cherry. Available in stores right now.

Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet is the designer of Sew Cherry. As you can see she has some fabulous patterns that she has designed for this line. Quilts, pillows, aprons, clothing, bags and more.

Happier is a darling line available in stores right now. Deena Rutter is the designer.

Pirates designed by Emily Taylor is a great line for boys and just in time to be released with the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It will be available in stores in June.

More great lines. This is called Sugar and Spice designed by Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish. How can you not love the combination of colors in this line.

Look how cute it is in clothing, quilts and pillows. Amanda has some fabulous new patterns with her line including the cutest mad hatter. It’s a darling hat that can be worn as a headband. You could pretend you are at the royal wedding. It is that cute.

This line is just yummy!

Eric Dowdle is a famous artist from Utah that has his first release with us called Country Harvest. This gives Riley Blake Designs a lot of versatility with a great country feel.

Mod Tod is our first line with the famous Sheri Berry who I know has a great following and we are so excited to be working with her. This cute boy line just makes you chuckle when you see how cute it is. Due to release in October.

Alphabet Soup is a line we divided into 2 lines. One for the girls and one for the boys. This is designed by My Mind’s Eye. On the right is another line by My Mind’s Eye called Lost and Found. We just recently received some sample yardage and it is to die for cute. We did some sparkle cotton in some of the prints and I am so in love with this fabric. My mind is going crazy with cute ideas that you can do with sparkle cotton.

Another look at our new Sew Together Tower. Don’t you love our pink and white polka dots? They’re adorable.

Holly Jolly is one of our Christmas lines designed by My Mind’s Eye. So fun for Christmas.

Look at the fun Christmas stockings, skirts, pillows and quilts.

Sweet Nothings is designed by Zoe Pearn on the left. On the right is Wanna be a Cowboy 2 by Samantha Walker.

Doodlebug Design showcases their new line with us called Tuxedo and on the right is their Christmas line called Christmas Candy.

Lila Tueller is another one of our fabulous designers showing off her line called Lola’s Posies. Look how adorable it is in clothing and quilts.

Lola’s Posies has some great color combinations that are so fun to work with. Lila has some great new patterns using all the fun laminates that come with this line.

This is our Halloween line called Trick or Treat designed by Doodlebug Design. Don’t you love that pop of lime green and fuchsia?

Above you can see the Trick or Treat panel quilt. This is a free downloadable pattern I designed for Riley Blake Designs. You can get it here.

It was worth all the hard work because Riley Blake Designs received the award for Best booth. As you can see Cindy and I are elated. This is a great accomplishment for us and we are thrilled.

More pictures of our grand prize ribbon and plaque.

A few more fun pictures of Alphabet Soup and Lost and Found. Ask your store to purchase these lines of fabric. They will be available in stores in June.

Another look at our tree in it’s cute backyard and our giveaway cruiser bike. If you want to wind this bike you better check out Riley Blake Designs here.

Notice the cute mailbox that Amanda from The Quilted Fish did out of fabric, of course.

More close ups of the quilts that were won by 2 stores. One in Washington and one in California.

The quilting on these quilts was done by Xenia Stirland who lives in my home town of alpine, Utah. The detail that she quilted in each block is just fabulous.The quilts were pieced by Chris Orton and both quilts had a different person do each border. One was done by Konda of Payson and Marian of the Pink Hippo Quilts.All the blocks were done by the individual designers.

This is my block which I tittled “I wish, I wish for a Happily Ever After. I used needle turn appliqué with a combination of embroidery to design my block. She’s a princess. Don’t you dream of being a princess?

Here is a look at our man cave. We loved the idea that men could sit and watch ball games while their wives shopped and walked the long show.

This is Stellar who used to be the cutest Stella a few years ago in Lila Tueller’s booth.

The quilt on his lap is another free down loadable project you can get from here. I designed this one out of Play Ball. It is available now.

Notice the refrigerator that had drinks for all those man cave visitors. There were also chips to eat.

Sorry not a great picture but I had to catch Randy and Bonnie from Pie Plate Patterns taking a break in the man cave.

I didn’t show the cute signs we had on the outside of the man cave that read No Pink allowed, Let’s talk sports not fabric, and more.

This is my quilt I designed for a magazine out of Love Birds. They showcased it here at market. It is also available in Quilts for Kids magazine.

I hope you enjoyed my small view of market from our booth at Riley Blake Designs. We appreciate so much the support of all our local designers and fabulous artists that we work with. I pinch myself that I am living my dream.

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  1. Jina all your hard work paid off. Your booth and crew were fantastic. And of course it was the best there. Love what is happening in Alpine. Makes me proud that a home town company can be going gangbusters. I love Lori's line and Shari's of course. But I like that farm fresh line too. So much to choose from with such a wide variety of designs. You got it right! Love the pic of you and Cindy.

  2. WOW>>>>>>>your photos were the best…what is wrong with everyone not coming here to tell you…lol YOU are a beautiful Jina…and your quilt is just lovely…the doll quilt is amazing..would have loved to have it as my own…Guess now I will just have to wip one up…your booth overall, well many booths were sweet to lips….great work and certainly not overlooked..

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