April 2011That Alpine Quilt Group

It is that time of month again when our group meets and shares quilts and then we have a fabulous trunk show. It’s a standing joke that it puts me in the “mood.” It always does. I am surrounded by the most incredibly talented women who share their love of quilting with each other.Then I want to go home and quilt.

The quilt above and below are both by my wonderfully talented friend Paula. The one above is a blackbird design quilt in a book called “Birds of a Feather.” The one below is “Oh My Gosh” and that is exactly what it is. It is fabulous!

I apologize for not knowing everyone’s name. The quilt below is beautiful.

We had several log cabin quilts. Aren’t they great?

 I’m so proud of Cindy. This is her quilt she finished. The pattern is by Lori Holt of bee in my bonnnet. All those little aprons are hand appliquéd.

  Another great log cabin quilt.

 Look how great this quilt is appliquéd against the red background. It is a piece o’ cake pattern. It turned out fabulous.

 This is Amber from Gigi’s Thimble. She used a Riley Blake Designs line called Daydream by Cyndi Walker of Stitch Studio.

 Love the yellows and greens in this quilt.

Another new quilt by Gigi’s Thimble.

 The following is the beginning of the trunk show with Marilyn and Connie. All I know about these ladies is that they are fabulous quilters who truly inspire.  They attend girl gang at Broadbents where flora met these ladies and invited them to come and share their talent.

I hope you enjoyed all these wonderful quilts. There were more. It was a great trunk show. Hope this inspired you to quilt, sew, cook, clean, organize and just enjoy creating . I’ve got to get back to getting ready for quilt market. There is a lot to finish.

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  1. Thanks for posting these. I know how much work it is to put a post like this together and I know how busy you are. I've missed quilts the last 3 times I think. Something has come up every night so it is bitter sweet for me to see these, knowing I missed opportunities to get to see them in person. Boy, I'm impressed with Cindy!

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