Southern Women’s Conference Day 3

When I think of Florida. This is what I think of: oranges and lemons.
 We stopped at a gas station and I just had to take some pictures of the citrus. If I could I would take home a lemon tree.

This looked like a lot of fun. It is a motorized parachute. He looked like he was having so much fun flying above the ocean.
 Look at this view. We had to stop in Jacksonville to visit Cindy’s brother who lives here. Cindy went to visit and I visited the beach.
  It is about 80 degees and amazingly beautiful. I enjoyed about 2 hours of sunshine.


 Looking out from my room while blogging and working on work related emails and things.

 This hotel may be new but down the street are the quaintest little beach resort stores that have been around for a while.

 This bat mobile car was outside a little restaurant on the street corner. I had to take a picture. I just love it!
 Look how cool it is.
 There is nothing that makes me feel more at home than palm trees, sand and the ocean. I could stay here forever.
 The walk to the beach from the hotel. It is about 50 feet.

The back of the hotel.

 There is nothing much better than the feel of sand between my toes, even if it is only for a very small moment in time. Loving the sunshine. Loving the fresh air. Wherever you live make sure to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine whenever you can. It rejuvenates the soul. Believe me I need a lot of that.
Back to work. Sew. Create. Enjoy


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