Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon Retreat

Bonnie Miles does a fabulous retreat down in Bryce Canyon at a place called Ruby’s Inn. You cannot believe how organized and wonderful the ladies are at this retreat. I’ve never gone and stayed over night at a retreat and sewn for days on end but if you ever get the chance you should check this one out. The scenery is beautiful and it is just a treat to rub shoulders with some of the most talented women.

Downstairs in the conference room where the trunk shows were held, were stores. Fabric, books, notions, patterns, soaps and chocolate. What more could a girl want. One of my favorite people I caught buying some wool, Paula McKinlay. She is one of my fellow quilters that I have quilted with for over 20 years.

Everyday there were trunk shows and show and tell at noon and then again at night. It was like a never ending cruise ship with non stop entertainment, only it was women quilting. I can’t possibly begin to remember the people who made all these fabulous quilts but they shared their talent with us all and it was great.

 I do remember Janus Mickleson. I’ve showed her quilts before but here are some more to share.

Look at the spectacular selection of colors in these quilts.

I took a class call Summer Days by Leslie Ison and Norma Whaley who I think are fabulous pattern makers and wonderful quilters. I so admire their talent.

More show and tell.

 Two Peas in a Pod did a fabulous trunk show. I took the above quilt class called Swirls. They are fantastic and so much fun.

More show and tell.

 The above fabric was a Riley Blake Designs fabric called Ivy Trellis and I just love how the above quilter has put the fabrics together. Love this quilt.

I just love baskets. These ones are great.

More baskets. Aren’t they so cute.

Look how cute this quilt is embellished with buttons and ric rac. I think it is adorable.

 One of my favorite new friends, Anne. I met her at the retreat and everywhere I went I seemed to bump into her. Her laugh is contagious. She took my pin cushion class that I taught and look how great her pincushion turned out. Notice the cute zipper in the flower. This is one of my butterfly kisses patterns called Sew Cover Up! The pattern includes a sewing machine cover, pad to go underneath, ironing board cover and the zipper pincushion. I taught the pattern split into 2 classes at this retreat. I had great fun. Best of all I made some new favorite friends.

 Don’t you love this patriotic quilt.

We heard about a story of 7 men from Panguitch. The town was starving and needed food. These 7 men set out to get food for this starving town. The snow was so deep. As they took a step they would sink up to their thighs in the snow. They found that if they laid the quilts out they could take a few steps and then lay another quilt, making their footpath quicker to their destination. They used these quilts to take them quickly to get food and bring it back to their starving people. This statue depicts what happens.

 You can see him lifting the quilt and then from the back you can see him walking on the quilt that he has already laid down. It’s a remarkable story and gives new meaning to quilting.

I was so exhausted when I got home. So much quilting and talking. It was a great weekend. I hope all these fabulous quilts put you in the mood. That’s what they do for me. Enjoy sewing or doing some kind of project.

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