Riley Blake Designs Home Dec Blog Tour 2015


 One of my favorite things to do is… 
give new life to old junky furniture
I LOVE fresh new paint and I LOVE new fabric!!!
Riley Blake Designs has some fabulous new 
Home Dec fabric that is 100% cotton duck.
Did you see all the fun colors and designs?
There are so many to choose from…it was so hard to pick…

But I chose Zoe Pearn’s “Sweet Nothings” collection…

 This is what the chair looked like when I bought it…well, almost, I was a little anxious and started spray painting before I took a picture…the legs were a dark brown…
I’m really good with a spray paint can in my hand… 
I usually paint anything that gets in my way…ha ha
I chose a Robin’s Egg Color from Design Master…
Colortool Spray.

You can see all the stains on the chair and ohhh…. 
can you see the back of the chair…
it has some sort of chenille fabric on the back…not cute:) 
(I found this chair at a local thrift store.)
I spray painted first, so I didn’t have to worry about 
where I got the paint on the chair. 
I sprayed about 6 coats so the paint would be nice and thick. 
I measured the top section of the chair first
 and created a pillow case shape.

Then I secured the fabric to the chair using a staple gun… 
I LOVE power tools...
Next I measured the bottom of the chair, leaving plenty of extra fabric to wrap to the underside of the chair.
I folded the edges under about 1″ then used the staple gun 
to secure in place. 

This chair is like a cat. It may end up having nine lives…I’ll just keep covering it over and over…
there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint and new fabric!!!
The pillow top is a rectangle shaped piece of fabric with
 4 lengths of 3 different fabric prints 
torn into different widths…
 layered one strip on top of the other…
4″ strips…3″ strips…1″ strips… 
Stitch 1/4″ in from each edge of the 1″ strips to secure to the top of the rectangle.
Finish using your favorite pillow method.
Embellish with a flower and a center jeweled charm.
For the flower I tore a 2″ strip by 22″. You will need 2 of them.
Sew the short edges together. 
Use a double threaded needle and with
 a running stitch 1/4″ in from one raw edge, stitch all the way around the circle.
Pull stitches in tightly and secure with a knot in 
the back center of the gathered circle.
Make 2 gathered circles. Layer one circle on top of the other.
Sew or glue the circles together. 
Add the embellishment to the center.
Place in the center of the pillow top.

Think twice before throwing away that old chair…
 Give it a new life with some new paint and new fabric.
Tomorrow you will want to check out “The Girl Inspired”
She is so talented!!!
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Riley Blake Designs Home Dec Blog Tour

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Thank you for stopping by

Happy Sewing!

Jina xoxo

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  1. I give you two thumbs up on the chair re-do! Very seldom do I chose orange fabrics; yet they are almost always vibrant. With the fabric that you chose, I envision this fabric working perfectly with some other orange fabrics I bought on a quilt run. Thanks for sharing a wonderful project and have a great day!

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