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 I am so excited to be part of Nancy Zieman’s 

30-Minute Doll Clothes blog tour. 


I decided to make the Birthday Party Trio on page 2.

The first thing you will want to do is choose your fabrics and trims. I love the contrast of color. I chose pink and green. Riley Blake Designs has these wonderful chevrons, ombre solids and ombre dots. They also have beautiful bright colors in ribbons to match all their basics.

Instead of the bow on the side of the skirt I made a rose out of a 2 1/2″ strip of the ombre solid. I cut the strip 2 1/2″ x 22″.
Press wrong sides together along the long edge of the strip. Round the corners by trimming off the square edge. This will take away the excess bulk on the corners. Using a double threaded needle, do a running stitch about 1/4″ from the raw edges.  

Once you have finished your running stitch, start to roll the strip inwards to create your rose. 

Sew some stitches back and forth across the back to keep the rose in the desired shape.

 You can either pin or stitch the rose in place.
I love the ombre effect of the color going from light to dark on the rose.
At the side of the skirt I took the top layer and did a running stitch to gather the side. Then I stitched the rose in place. 

The Birthday Party Trio was so quick and simple.
You will love how easy and quick each of the doll dresses are in this wonderful 30 minute doll clothes book by Nancy Zeiman with Joan Hinds.

Below is some important information you will want to check out.

Happy Sewing!


Blog Tour Details

All blog tour hosts will use the patterns from the 30-Minute Doll Clothes book and add their own personal flair. On every tour date below, be sure to visit each of the blog postings to see creative doll fashion creations.

July 10     Nancy Zieman   
July 11     Jina Barney          
July 12     Eileen Roche       
July 13     Heather Valentine
July 14     Shari Butler        
July 16     Lori Holt               
July 17     Amy Barickman
July 18     The Long Ladies
July 19     Ingrid Pinto         
July 20     Page Hill                
July 21      Joan Hinds & Nancy Zieman

30-Minute Blog Tour Prizes!

Fun Prizes will be awarded to random readers at the close of the blog tour. To be eligible for the following prizes, post a comment at the bottom of Nancy’s July 10 blog tour posting. Share with us your memories of making doll clothes or what types of doll clothes patterns you’d like to see in the future. Winners will be posted on Tuesday, July 24th.

Nancy Zieman’s Doll Clothes Blog Tour Prizes.

I am extending a big thank you to Nancy’s Notions for sponsoring the 30-Minute Doll Clothes Blog Tour!

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  1. I love the pretty doll dress you made. The tutorial for the rosette is great! Do you have a special little girl to give the outfit to? I made a whole wardrobe full of clothes for one of my grand daughters last Christmas and have taught two American girl doll dress classes at my local quilt shop. You can read all about iron my blog :). It looks like you follow all the same blogs that I follow! We must have a lot in common 🙂

  2. I love the fabric rose and the variations in the color of the fabric – hope i can fine some myself. actually i love all the fabrics you used and know the "Grands" will too. scarlette

  3. Your outfit came out so beautifully, love the colors you used.
    I have made dolls and clothing, usually simple and prim styles.
    I love vintage style clothing for dolls, would love to see more of those.


  4. Super cute! My Daughter just received her first doll…this stage of play and memory making has just begun for our family. With two girls I'm excited to make more clothes and more memories!

  5. This is a terrific blog tour, and this new book & video look like great fun to own & use. Quicker to get to the finish line.

  6. I used to do that, too — tie doll clothes together to simplify things! (A bonus to that method is that the fabric in question could serve more than one purpose in the doll's wardrobe — say, a dress or blouse, a scarf or even a bedspread!)

    I have made many American Girl outfits over the years — a plaid cape for Samantha, with matching spats and furry hat and muff, for example — but this new book sounds absolutely fabulous! Now I want to make some doll clothes from it for my granddaughters' dolls!

  7. This is darling. I have always loved to sew doll clothes – first for myself and now for the grandchildren. I would love to see patterns for uniforms – school or sports.

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