July 2014 That Alpine Quilt Group

Wow! What a fabulous trunk show last night at Quilt Group.
You can’t believe the talented people.
I wanted to go home and quilt all night…I was so inspired by these fabulous designs, colors and intricacy of the beautiful art these women have created!!!
This quilt was made from scraps from some women in Ghana. This lady was serving a mission there and collected these scraps and made this Oh My Gosh Quilt!
Isn’t it amazing!!!
The colors were spectacular. What a treasure!!!
This is another one of the ones she made from Yoyo’s
This is a quilt Paula had been working on that was inspired by the trunk show for tonight given by Ann Lewis…as you will see her quilts are beautiful.
I love the red and green combinations in this quilt.
A fun geometric block.
A pineapple quilt that was made from beautiful purple and green scraps.

This is the start of Ann Lewis’ trunk show. 


                                                          I love this quilt!!!

Ann is crazy addicted to cutting. She cuts a bazillion pieces and then begins to sew. She loves cutting and sewing blocks but rarely finishes. You can’t believe the amazing work… 

These are her spot quilts. On the back she has large dots but the purpose is to make eye spy quilts. He squares are 2″ cut. They are for her grandchildren that she doesn’t have… 
they are to spot the object…cute idea…

This is her low volume quilt with all the pieces having a white background. It’s a beautiful modern quilt effect…

Happy Sewing!!!

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  1. I always love seeing quilts from That Alpine Group. I remember seeing my first Ohmygosh quilt made by one of your members. I have had it on my "someday" list for years, and every time I see it, wish I could just stop everything and start working on it. Thanks for sharing Jina.

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