Winners for the 100 Block Magazine Vol #6

Here are the winners for the 100 Block Magazine Vol #6

Nancy Sue wrote:
This magazine is so packed with inspiration and ideas, that I have torn them apart and used them in a binder. I was dog earring them too much and started to look like a preschooler had gotten a hold of them! Well loved I should say! Congrats on your block being included!!!

Tami C wrote:
Love the soft colors you picked for your block. I’ve been collecting material for years, but made my first quilt just 2 months ago. This Blog Tour is my first & is opening my eyes to so much beauty! It would be wonderful to have a copy of 100 Blocks! So much to see!

Thanks for a chance to win Jina!

Congratulations to our winners!!! Enjoy the magazine.
Happy Sewing!

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