Valentines Day

I wanted to show a few of the fun Valentine’s treats I found. Below are chocolate heart pretzels.

The theme for our Valentine dinner was Italian. We had lasagne and a few favorite treats.

Yummy cupcakes were a hit!

A preview of our Valentine table before it becomes a feeding frenzy for all invited to dinner.
The pens are for the cards that are passed around at the table. We each write what we love about those at the dinner table. Even those guests who are invited get a special card with thoughts and feelings of love from all of us. It’s fun to pull out those cards and read them during the year to remind you how much you are appreciated and loved.
The hearts had a little gift inside and the fabric hearts are to hang somewhere to see and remember that someone loves you. I feel like we need those constant reminders in this crazy, hurried world we live in.

Tim Tams are a favorite this year because a sweet friend told me where I could buy some. They are Australian. I didn’t know you could buy them here.
It’s almost time to dig in and eat. We need to light the candles.
Here’s a look at pink pancakes and strawberries for Valentine’s morning. Don’t forget the whipped cream.
Of course, my favorite boy loves eggs on his pancakes. I think it’s disgusting but he sure loves them.
Tierani and Tahmor eating tim tams at work celebrating a friends good fortune.
Look how cute this Valentine basket is that she brought filled with tim tam’s and hot chocolate. As you can see you have to bite either side of the tim tam and then slurp the hot chocolate through until the whole cookie begins to melt. Let’s just say it’s not for the faint of heart.
A quick look at a few things I’ve been working on. Rainy Days and Mondays.
Andrea Victoria hot pads.
Wheels. This pattern is from the book I published with Riley Blake Designs.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. It’s a busy week and I can’t wait to share my night from the American Quilting Retreat this week.

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