Swiss Days 2010

Pavlova is a dessert that is a favorite when we visit my mum and dads home. It is always devoured. I was able to get a quick picture as it was being cut. It is made from egg whites, whipped cream, and fruit. Doesn’t sound that great but because of the way it is baked it is delicious!

My Clancy has found a new love. Baking. She is great at desserts and pasta. I caught her making red velvet cupcakes which I will post the recipe for. They are the best! Her frosting is yummy!

Look how great these look!

We took a quick trip up to Swiss Days. I mean quick. We were there less than an hour. You could hardly move there were so many people.

There looked like some fabulous treasures but like I said there were too many people.

I have to say I don’t do crowds very well.
I thought these metal statues were so ingenious. The workmanship was beautiful. I loved this cowboy and look at the ant. There are more in the background to the right. They are adorable!

Midway is a beautiful little city nestled in the mountains. Such a cute country town. This is a view to the south looking toward Deer Creek.

A view of Deer Creek.

The airplanes were doing a little show. They are so cute. I would love one.
A fun car that I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.
This quilt is a free pattern that can be downloaded from the Riley Blake Designs website. I designed it with Amanda Herring of the Quilted Fish’ fabric line called Delighted! It is a happy line with great reds, yellows, greens and blues. Keep finishing those projects.
Happy Sewing!

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