September That Alpine Quilt Group

We had a guest speaker named Gwen O’Leary come and share here story with our quilt group. She has written a book about the last year of her mother’s life called “When Life hands You Alzheimer’s, Make Aprons”.  It is an inspirational story about sewing in very difficult stages of our lives.  Gwen shared writings from her book and write ups from newspapers. She is so eloquent in her word choices and it was so lovely to listen to her story.

 She lives on the road (they travel all over the USA in their car) with her husband and visits friends, stores and libraries sharing her book that she has written. She sells the books and aprons and all proceeds go to the research for Alzheimer’s. She shared funny stories of how her mother would come into the room to sew everyday and be able to pick coordinating fabrics that looked wonderful together but yet she would be wearing an outfit with colors and prints that didn’t match or coordinate at all. Her mother would forget many things but still knew how to sew.Her story was inspiring and something we all could relate to.

 All of these quilts are from show and tell. They are all huge for some reason. Everyone was getting wedding presents and game board quilts finished. 


 Janice shared this wonderful Halloween quilt she finished. I love the bright colors.

 This is the back to the quilt above.

 This lanyard is pieced (most likely paper pieced). Can you see how tiny the fabric pieces are and appreciate the intricacy of the sewing? It really is a work of art.
 I love going to my quilt group. They are so inspiring and I love hearing and sharing what wonderful women create.
Keep sewing! I will be sharing all the fun projects I am working on for market next. Time is flying by. Don’t waste a single minute.

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