Riley Blake Designs Back-to-School Blog Tour

       Back-to-School is such an exciting time of year! 
My cute grand-daughters, Summer and Nahla, were so 
excited to have matching outfits.
 Summer is in first grade and takes school very seriously.
 Nahla begs and pleads that she is old enough 
to go to school…finally pre-school for her this year.        
As you can see Summer stands and waits to have her shoes buckled while Nahla says she can do it all by herself:)

The girls love getting ready for school and having a new outfit made by Coco(nickname for grandma) is always a special treat!

Using the Riley Blake Designs solids is one of my favorites…
mainly because they are timeless and 
the color combinations are endless…
I used the raspberry and the navy solid colors…

The raspberry neck tie was a 2 1/2″ strip. 
I cut 3 strips and sewed them together end to end… 
cut this in half…it measured about 60″ once it was cut. 
That was plenty for each cutie pie to have one.

I pressed the raw edges to the middle (including the long and 
small edges)… then pressed the strip in half again. 
Sew down the long edge. 
Press. Tie in a bow at the front.
Looking cute and stylish with a button-up crisp
white shirt gives them the prep -school look.

The pattern for the skirt is the Sacha Skirt and Jacket from Butterfly Kisses Pattern Company. 

 The skirts took about an hour each to make.
 The instructions are simple and easy to follow.


The pattern is available through 
Riley Blake Designs here or your local quilt shop.

Be sure to follow this Back-to-School Blog Tour! You will be inspired to pull out your sewing machine and fabric so you too can sew up one of the amazing ideas that are shared by each designer from the list below.

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Happy Sewing!


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