December Quilt Group

If any of you know Amanda Herring everything she does is over the top and fabulous. So of course, when she has her diet coke it’s not in a normal cup it’s in this really cute and adorable cup all decked out in jewels. Isn’t it perfect for a princess.

Nanette Merrill of Freda’s Hive designed this quilt out of Sweet Divinity by Amanda of the Quilted Fish. It has little princess crowns and Nanette is going to embellish each one. I can’t wait to see it.

This is Janice Mickelson and she was asked by Flora (the sheriff) to talk about “What inspires her” Janice has a fabulous eye for color and design and she shares some of her quilts and ideas behind why she chooses the fabrics and patterns that she does.

This is a fun pinwheel quilt using a variety of medium toned fabrics. This would be a great quilt to use up your left overs.

This quilt shows the way medium and light fabrics can play against each other to create a 3 dimensional effect that is eye catching. This is a simple square in a square pattern and is also great for using left overs.

A cute baby quilt. Love the red.

Look how effective the snails trail block is going around cute Olivia the pig. The stripe border is great with the words on the bottom. Janice shared that she likes to pop in a gold stop border to break up the monotony of color. The gold makes other colors pop.

Simple basket quilt.Big blocks are easy to piece and the large baskets would be quick to applique. Very cute.

This is another basket quilt with large flowers appliqued. A great quilt to show off big bold prints in the baskets and border.

A simple pastel quilt with a log cabin effect in the blocks and a vine with flowers and leaves for a finishing touch on the border.

This quilt had a lot of intricate pieces. Lots of triangles and points. It is beautifully crafted.

This was a block of the month quilt we did in our quilt group many years ago. Paula McKinnley shared her many basket patterns and we made this row of baskets quilt.

This quilt is fabulous and was the shop hop quilt for Broadbents. It was to celebrate their theme and I think it is just gorgeous. The workmanship is spectacular. It was a joint effort by the employees but Lauel pieced everything together which is no easy feat since there were many hands helping which would mean many different seam allowances and block sizes.

This strip quilt looks easy but it was very difficult as Janice explained to keep everything squared up. Of course this quilt looked great and was perfectly squared.
Another beautiful quilt showcasing how well Janice puts colors together to contrast and give an overall great effect. Love this quilt.

A simple quilt bordered with a fabulous large floral. notice the fussy cut border. It really makes this quilt.
Another simple quilt but very cute.
This is one of my favorites. Each one of the circles that is a flower is pieced. I didn’t get a close enough photo to show you the detail of each pieced flower. It is a beautiful quilt. I always love a splash of black to pop other colors. The baskets do that.
Cute little Valentines quilt. The stripes on the sides are ribbon.
You can see Janice put her gold border in again and it really does pop the reds and blacks. This is a great quilt to showcase a large print in the middle.
Another unique quilt. I know it has a story but I can’t remember.
This is the girl gang quilt that they do at Broadbents for a block of the month. Each block tells a story.

Another fabulous quilt. As you can see I live in an area with beautiful quilters who are truly inspired by everything around them. I always come home from my quilt group “in the mood” for quilting.They inspire me to pick up a needle and thread and get behind my machine and just enjoy playing with my fabrics to create a masterpiece. I challenge everyone to give a homemade gift this Christmas. There is nothing better. Now get sewing!

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  1. What a show, did you hear me clapping? Some were amazing..the piggy one..goodness me, where would you put that one? lol. The circle floral, great colors…the first one with the crowns… to see that one when completed…thanks for inviting us…xx

  2. I want to know how in the world she squared up that quilt! I have enough trouble trying to square one up that isn't all strips like that. 🙂 So beautiful – the talent just jumps off the page. blessings, marlene

  3. Janice has such an eye for color and fabric combinations. I have learned a lot from her! Thanks for the show and tell from That Alpine Group. Such talent.

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